The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•On July 6, a 29-year-old Hartshorn woman reported that a 34-year-old man had dragged their 5-year-old son across the floor, causing bruises on his arms and rug burn on his elbows.

The woman told an investigating deputy the man had also sexually assaulted her on a previous occasion, had hit their son with a container lid and tripped him with a cane several times, and had kicked the boy’s dog in front of him and threatened to kill it.

Investigation is ongoing.

•A deputy responded on July 2 to a report of property damage at a Pointer Road residence at Mountain Grove.

A 43-year-old man there told the officer he had come home and found his neighbor’s cows inside his garage, and they had destroyed shelves, broken a ladder and a door and left droppings all over the floor.

The man said the cows had also gotten into a well house and eaten insulation and 40 pounds of chicken feed, and had eaten eight square bales of hay and everything in his garden as well.

The officer advised the man the incident was a civil issue.

•A 71-year-old Cabool man reported on June 27 that someone had cut the locks off of two shop buildings at his Country Aire Lane property and numerous tools and other items with a total value of $1,563.99 had been stolen.

Two Cabool men, ages 26 and 19, were identified as suspects and probable cause statements were sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges against them.

Texas County Jail admissions

The Texas County Jail.

July 2

Brian G. Giffin – burglary

July 3

John Schwartz – assault

Andrea L. Brazil – assault

Richard D. Sims – possession of controlled substance

Billy E. Smith – DWI

Shannon Smith – public intoxication, assault

Billy Smith III – public intoxication, disorderly conduct

Crystal Reynolds – possession of controlled substance

Zachary McLeod – possession of controlled substance

Miranda Fisher – DWI

July 4

Elizabeth Poole – possession of controlled substance

July 5

Matthew Wade – burglary, stealing

Cory Robert – assault

Dannie Wilson – DWI

July 6

Michelle Dewolfe – delivery of controlled substance

Krystal A. Dean – delivery of controlled substance

Zakary Eplin – failure to appear

July 7

Jessica Mitzel – leaving scene of an accident

July 9

Angela McConnell – DWI

July 10

Luke Young – warrant

Autumn Metcalf – warrant

Randall Dunkin – DWI, leaving scene of an accident

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