A texting while driving law, called the Siddens Bening Hands-Free Law, becomes effective Monday, but full enforcement with fines will not start until Jan. 1, 2025. Until then, any drivers caught in violation of the law will only receive warnings.

The law is named after two Missourians who died in crashes involving distracted driving: Randall Siddens and Michael Bening.

The law will make it illegal to hold a phone in one’s hand, to read or send text messages, and to watch or record video while driving. Texting while driving is already against the law for drivers 21 and under, but the law expands the prohibition to all ages.

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  1. In Springfield that law will be ignored. Absolutely no one will enforce it. Even the cops text and play on cell phones while driving here. One almost T-boned me the other day for that very reason. Down here in corrupt Springfield, laws aren’t enforced except occasionally on the poor who can’t afford to defend themselves. Drive through this town, it screams corruption.

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