Houston City Hall is located on Oak Street in Houston. A six-member council, mayor and city administrator oversee the day-to-day operation of city government.


Mayor Willy Walker, office at Houston City Hall, term expires May 1, 2023, 224 South St., Houston, mayor@houstonmo.org., 417-260-5153

Ward I Alderman Sam Kelley, term expires May 1, 2023, Nichols Drive, Houston, ward1b@houstonmo.org

Ward I Alderman Kevin Stilley, term expires May 1, 2024, 628 Oak Hill Drive, Houston, ward1a@houstonmo.org, 217-5298

Ward II Alderman Michael Weakly, term expires May 1, 2023, 610 S. Hamrick, Houston, ward2b@houstonmo.org

Ward II Alderwoman Sheila Walker, term expires May 1, 2024, 112 S. Airport Road, Houston, ward2a@houstonmo.org.

Ward III Alderwoman Angie Gettys, term expires May 1, 2023, 806 Hawthorn, Houston, ward3b@houstonmo.org, 417-967-2741

Ward III Alderman Don Romines, term expires May 1, 2024, 612 Dogwood Lane, Houston, donromines@gmail.com, 417-217-0592


Members of the Houston City Council serve on several committees overseeing segments of city government. 

Public grounds and airport: Don Romines, chairman; Kevin Stilley and Sheila Walker

Utilities and buildings: Angie Gettys, chairman; Mike Weakly and Kevin Stilley

Economic development: Sheila Walker, chairwoman; Angie Gettys and Sam Kelley

Finance: Kevin Stilley, chairman; Mike Weakly and Angie Gettys

Personnel: Sam Kelley, chairman; Sheila Walker and Don Romines

Police and Fire: Mike Weakly, chairman; Sam Kelley and Don Romines


City Administrator Mark Campbell, second floor, mcampbell@houstonmo.org, Houston City Hall, 417-967-3348.

The city administrator answers directly to the Houston City Council. He is responsible for the general administration of the city, appointing department heads, program coordination and the implementation of policies.

City Clerk Heather Sponsler, Houston City Hall, cityclerk@houstonmo.org, 573-466-0109

The city clerk serves as the secretary to the city council and is responsible for keeping records of official city business, including minutes, resolutions and ordinances.

Other city hall employees include: Accounting and City Court Clerk Dulcey Spurlin, Utility Clerk Edwin Graciano and Parks Director Brandon Maberry.

City Attorney Brad Eidson, 112 E. Main, Houston, brad149@centurytel.net, 417-967-4747.

The city attorney provides legal advice and support for the city council, city staff and boards. He also prepares all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and leases for the city.

City Police Chief Brad Evans, Houston Police Department, evans@houstonmo.org, 417-967-3348.

When city hall is closed, call 417-967-5999 or 911 to report an emergency.


Lt. Matt Woodmansee, email: woodmansee@houstonmo.org

Sgt. Travis Thompson, email: thompson@houstonmo.org

School Resource Officer Josh Green, email: green@houstonmo.org

K9 Officer Adam Stevenson, email: stevenson@houstonmo.org

Omen, canine

Officer JD Jordan, email: jjordan@houstonmo.org

The police department provides crime prevention and protective services.

Community Development and Economic Development Director, vacant, Houston City Hall, ec.dev@houstonmo.org, 417-967-3348.

The office of economic development oversees job creation and retention in the City of Houston.


Municipal judge, Conway Hawn; fire chief, Robbie Smith; treasurer, Bruce Wilson; and emergency management director, Robbie Smith. 


Electric: Mike Williams, supervisor; Travis Lunbeck, Robert James III, Braedin Groff and Brecken Adey.

Grounds and Streets: Bill Ramsey, supervisor; Mike Hock, J.D. Burks, Keith Hamilton and Bailey Hurst. The city also hires seasonal help.

Public Transportation: John McCloud, supervisor.

Fiber-to-the-Home: Randon Brown, director; and Doug Sutton, technician

Water-sewer: Bob Richards, supervisor; Jerry Jackson, chief waste/water operator; Steve Floyd and Reid Long.

Recycling: Randy Ingram.

Maintenance: vacant.

Houston, is the county-seat of Texas County, located in south-central Missouri. U.S. 63 runs through the community. HOUSTON HERALD PHOTO


Several Houston residents donate much time toward the betterment of the community. They are:

Industrial Development Authority of the City of Houston: Brad Rees, chairman, 2023, chair; Justin Shelby, 2027; Eric Wells, 2025; Tom Dunn, 2026; and Ross Richardson, 2026. Terms are five years.

Houston Parks and Recreation Board:  Justin Brown, president, 2024; Rachel Choate, 2025; Rowdy Douglas, 2023; Jeff Richardson, 2025; Larry Benoist, 2024; Jennifer Shelton, 2024; Wendy Sholtz, 2023; and Amy Smith. One vacancy. Terms are three years.

Houston Planning and Zoning Commission:  Charles Shea, 2024;  Willy Johnson, 2026;  Jeremy St. John, 2023; Tim Hurd, 2023; Joe Honeycutt, 2023; Kim Bittle, 2025; Michael Weakly, 2025. Representing the city are: Mayor Willy Walker and City Clerk Heather Sponsler. Terms are four years.

Houston Board of Adjustment: Gene Gentry, 2026, Chad Bell, 2024; Dennis Maxwell, 2023; and Bonnie McElroy, 2027. Terms are five years.

Houston Housing Authority Board: Rhonda Ledbetter, 2023; Sharon Sillyman, 2024; Johna Kozemczak, 2024; Marci Mosley, 2025; Laura Spurlin (resident representative), 2025; and Lois England, 2022. Terms are four years.

Recycling information

The city’s recycle center accepts:

•Aluminum cans



•Office paper

•Plastic bottles and jars

Plastic bags are not recycled, but they can be used to keep items separated. Plastic food containers are not recycled at this facility.

The city offers these tips for proper preparation of items for recycling:

•Cans — Tin and aluminum cans accepted. Cans must washed, and labels removed.

•Cardboard — Corrugated box type cardboard can be included at curbside. The pieces should be no more than 3 feet long. Cardboard and paper board shouldn’t be mixed with regular paper.

•Paper — Office paper, newspaper, packing paper and magazines are accepted.

•Plastic bottles and jars — Type 1 (PETE) clear and Type 2 ( (HDPE) opaque and colored are accepted. All plastics must be washing out with no lids.

Persons who need information can call Houston City Hall at 417-967-3348.


No appointment is necessary for drop-off recycling items. All items should be placed in the correct labeled containers. Items can be brought between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The address is: 2813 Holiday Lane, West Plains. Anyone with questions can call 417-256-7176.

Updated 3/6/2023