The Gift Basket

Once a man named Mike bought a gift basket, but it was so heavy that six men couldn’t pick it up (the gift basket was huge!). Mike had to get the basket home. First, Mike tried to get friends to help pick the basket up. Mike’s friends tried and tried again, but they couldn’t pick it up.

So they tried again. Mike had them eat big, huge stacks of meat, fruit and veggies. Mike’s friends groaned after eating, but they got up and tried to lift the basket. But they still couldn’t life it. Mike didn’t give up yet.

Mike tried calling the strongest person alive to lift the basket. When he got there, he tried to lift it. Guess what? He couldn’t, so he went home. The war was not over yet.

Mike tried again. He tried calling for a crane. When it got there, Mike got in the control center and turned it on, then tried to lift the basket. But when the crane started to pull, the crane broke and fell to the ground. That was all for the crane.

Then just whe Mike was about to tell everyone to go home, Mike’s best friend screamed, “Why don’t we unload the basket and take trips?” All at the same time, everyone yelled, “Yea!” So, Mike asked everyone to do that. They did and it worked! Mike was so happy and to show everyone how happy he was, Mike shared everything in the basket with everyone that helped him. Everyone shouted, “Hooray!”

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