Blankenship Springs was located north of the current Texas County Justice Center in Houston.

The springs of Brushy Creek north of the city were a popular gathering place in the early founding of the community. The location on the north edge of Houston was the site of many picnics, gatherings and baptisms in Houston in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

Town History: Houston’s history dates to 1846, although some families had lived several years in what is now Houston’s corporate limits. June 1846 is Houston’s official birthday. The selection followed a pattern set by all early settlers – the need for water. There were several springs along Brushy Creek, which is the site of today’s Village Trail, a walking venue.

Following the Civil War, Houston was reorganized in 1872. 

The Texas County Genealogical and Historical Society has a library in a downtown museum that is open to the public on Thursday. 

The Houston Herald’s archives are available here.


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