Hospital Installs Donor Tree

Texas County Memorial Hospital Healthcare Foundation has taken a wall in the front lobby of the hospital to create a donor recognition area that includes a bronze “Tree of Life” and a wooden display case.

The Tree of Life is a common tool for recognizing donors at various charitable organizations. Foundation board members felt that the tree fit the native tree heritage of the area, as well as connecting with the hospital’s tree logo.

The tree is a bronze tree with brass leaves that can be engraved. A single leaf signifies a donation of $3,000 or more, and a double leaf signifies a donation of $10,000 or more. Already several double and single leaves have been engraved and placed on the tree.

Also around the tree are acorns that can be engraved signifying a donation of $25,000 or more and stones that signify donations of $50,000 or more.

“It was important to the foundation that we have a very visible donor recognition area,” said Jay Gentry, TCMH Healthcare Foundation director.

Gentry researched donor recognition programs and found the tree through a local engraving company, Diamond Art Engraving in Summersville.

In addition to the Tree of Life, a wooden display case is also hanging in the front lobby. This case will be used by the foundation to recognize smaller gifts and to list individual donors in the Helping Hands Partners program, the TCMH employee giving program and donors for current projects such as the annual golf tournament or the recently completed pediatric room.

“Gifts received by the foundation are cumulative in nature,” Gentry explained. “If a person or business gives donations to various projects, pledges to make an annual donation, or even makes just one donation a year every year, the donor will be recognized with a leaf on the tree when the $3,000 donation mark is reached.”

Gentry noted that several individuals and businesses are close to receiving a leaf on the Tree of Life.

“This tree is the first of its kind in our area,” Gentry said. “The foundation is very excited about the opportunity we have to fill the tree with the names of donors.”

The Tree of Life currently has space for 200 single leaves, but it can be expanded to include an additional 100 leaves.

The TCMH Healthcare Foundation is the non-profit fundraising arm of the hospital. After being defunct for several years, the foundation was revived in 2005. The foundation raises funds for healthcare education, technology and community support services.

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