Neal Associates Appear in Court, Waive Prelim Hearings

Three women accused of helping suspected killer Neldon Neal waived their rights to preliminary hearings last week, Texas County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Anderson said.

Erica Moore, Mary Thomas and Evelyn Lansdown all face hindering prosecution charges for their alleged roles in helping Neal elude authorities after lawmen said he killed his common law wife March 13 in Roby. Neal, who was apprehended in Laclede County after 62 days on the run, is scheduled to appear in court June 20.

All three women are bound over until July 3 court dates in front of Circuit Judge Mary Sheffield, Anderson said. A fourth woman who also faces hindering charges, Kathy J. McComas, will appear July 11 for her preliminary hearing.

According to authorities, the women aided Neal when he arrived at Lansdown’s trailer in Evening Shade – about four miles from the shooting scene – four days after allegedly killing Judy Lewis. There he showered and gathered a variety of items including food, a backpack, bible, bottled water and clothes.

Lansdown, 32, allegedly purchased food and camping supplies for Neal. She also drove him to Sante Anna Road in the Mark Twain National Forest where he hid inside a hollow log for about two weeks.

Thomas, 37, is Lansdown’s sister. She is charged with twice being at the trailer when Neal sought help. She also accompanied Lansdown when she took Neal to his hiding place.

Moore, 31, also drove Neal to the woods. She allegedly returned to the location multiple times to give Neal, the grandfather to some of her children, food and other items.

McComas, 52, told authorities she accompanied Moore to meet Neal in the woods. She gave him soap and a pen and paper.

When Neal was arrested, Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said he believed two individuals from Pulaski County had helped Neal after he left his log hiding place in late March. Neither have been charged.

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