Swim Team Finishes Second

The Houston swim team finished second Saturday at Mountain Grove for its second straight runner-up performance of the season.

Mountain View won the meet, followed by Houston, West Plains and Thayer.

Houston also finished second at its season opener June 3 in West Plains. Mountain View won the event

At Mountain Grove, Alyssa Hayes won the individual medley and butterfly to earn high point trophy honors for the 8-and-under girls. Other high point winners were: Mackenzie Scott, 13-14 girls; Chelsea Lockwood, 15-16 girls; William Jones, 15-16 boys; Lexie Malam, 17-25 girls; and Gail Hayes and Lori Lockwood, 26-over women.

At West Plains, Chelsea Lockwood was first in the short freestyle, breaststroke and long freestyle to win high point honors for the 15-16 girls. Other winners were: Alyssa Hayes, 8-under girls; Jared Lockwood, 9-10 boys; and Gail Hayes, 26-over women.

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