eherald - an electronic newspaper available on line by the Houston Herald.

The e-Herald is here.

The entire Houston Herald is available beginning this evening in the form of the e-Herald, our electronic newspaper. It’s an exact replica of the newspaper available online anytime throughout the day.

The e-Herald offers many features. It’s your newspaper, your way!

You can flip through pages and skim headlines just as you would with the printed newspaper in your hands with the click of a button. Simple tools allow for quick and easy navigation. You can also view and search past editions or print and e-mail articles, photos and advertisements to any computer. Active links in ads and stories allow the reader to simply click them for additional information – without any additional typing.

Another feature allows a user to receive an e-mail notification when key words appear in the newspaper. And unlike the print edition, the e-Herald is in color.

The latest issue of the Herald will be available Wednesday evenings. It’s up to you when to read it. At home, at work or on the road, it’s ready when you are.

Powered by Tecnavia, the e-Herald will serve many purposes. Print subscribers can preview the newspaper before it arrives in the mailbox or access it days later to read an article again. Out-of-county readers exhausted by slow postal delivery will now receive the electronic edition at the same time and same day. No more waiting at the mailbox.

Access to the e-Herald is free for two weeks. Simply click on the e-Herald logo at and register. Print subscribers will continue to receive the electronic newspaper for free after the trial period. Non-subscribers have several options for purchasing online access, ranging from single-issue copies to a full year.

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