Enrollment Drops At County School Districts

Total enrollment at Texas County’s seven school districts declined on the first day of classes, a survey shows. The only district to show an increase was at Raymondville.

The county’s nearly 4,000 school children arrived in classrooms last week.

The steepest declines occurred at Summersville, Cabool and Licking. At Summersville, the head count (382) decreased 41 from the first day of school a year ago. The southeast Texas County school district had seen the steepest decline of any in the county over the last two years, dropping 55 since the start of the 2005 school year. The decrease was 22 at Cabool (790). Licking had 873 students, down 34 from the start of last year.

School superintendents keep close tabs on their census numbers because it directly affects their financial fortunes. Fewer students translate into less state aid. Traditionally, administrators have a good idea by Labor Day of the number of pupils.

The one bright spot in the county was Raymondville, where enrollment increased 14 from the first day last year to 119. Success lost one student, dropping to 109. Plato had 632, which was down three from the same period a year ago, but up 26 from 2005.

At Houston, there was little change in the figures. Teachers counted 1,052 in classrooms. That’s down nine from the previous year’s start, but up eight from 2005’s school launch.

A breakdown of classes at Houston shows: kindergarten, 73; first, 79; second, 55; third, 75; fourth, 80; fifth, 60; sixth, 78; seventh, 82; eighth, 71; ninth, 119; tenth, 106; eleventh, 95; and twelfth, 79.

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