Classroom Management Learned at Cabool's Drury

Fourteen school-age students got together with 15 adults from the Drury EDU 360 class and the Drury daycare. Everyone had a good time enjoying a variety of snacks, sandwiches and hot dogs. They played games and watched the movie, Stuart Little 2, after eating. Some of the favorite games are: Monopoly, Mancala, Cover Up, Bingo and Connect Four.

Sharon Marler brought three large photo albums for everyone to review. She has been collecting pictures of all the activities for the last five semesters. At the end of the evening, everyone did a contest on an automobile word search and earned candy bars when they finished. Students worked as a team with the mentors from Drury. This is the last semester with funding from the Safe Schools/ Healthy Students grant written by Jon Turner.

There are plans for the class to continue, but there will need to be a different source of funding in future semesters. The class is classroom management through a mentoring model.

Drury students will receive a lifetime mentoring certificate at the end of the semester. The following students attended the evenings events: Ashiley Baker, Hannah Capp, Sarah and Scotty Shannon, Katie Farmer, Shiana Mahurin, Adriana Modaff, Tyler Keesling, Alley, Brandy and Jessica Sillyman, Chris Bohrer, Saxton Green and Charlee Sue Jadwin.

Adults were: Sharon Marler, Carol Aldridge and Sherie Squirell, daycare; Jessica and Carole Fisher, Rodney Hook, Cindy Barry, Christina Mahurin, Kristen Vogel, Delinda Dzurick, Tisha Walker, Tiffany Green, Larry Schultz, Maddie Jadwin and Katie Presser.

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