TCMH Employees' Donatons Top 0,000 to Foundation

Texas County Memorial Hospital employee donations to the TCMH Healthcare Foundation recently topped $10,000.

“Helping Hands Partners” began in July 2006 as a way for hospital employees to give back to the hospital. Through a set payroll deduction amount or through one-time giving TCMH employees make donations to the Healthcare Foundation. Currently, 120 employees are Helping Hands partners.

Donations total about $525 per pay period, and Jay Gentry, director of the TCMH Healthcare Foundation, noted that with each pay period the accumulated donations from employees continue to climb.

The employee members of the “Helping Hands” donor program, the healthcare foundation’s employee giving program, received an engraved double leaf on the donor recognition tree after reaching the milestone.

“The Helping Hands partners have provided a large boost to the healthcare foundation,” Gentry said. “Many employees give just a couple of dollars a week, but when a large percentage of employees are doing that, it quickly adds up.”

Donations from employees in the program are “undesignated.” meaning they go into the general fund of the foundation to help with educational scholarships for healthcare professionals, to support health-oriented community events and to assist with equipment or service needs for TCMH. Foundation board members also utilize money from the program to help TCMH employees in “crisis” situations due circumstances like a family death or a medical emergency.

“The money the employees put into the program not only benefits their hospital, but it is used to help out their fellow employees,” Gentry said. “In an organization with over 400 employees, frequent situations arise where the employees are asked to help out others.”

Helping Hands partners receive a polo shirt with the foundation/Helping Hands partner logo when they sign up for the donor program. The foundation board of directors also hosts an annual barbecue for all employees as well as frequently recognizing employee donors throughout the year.

Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH, noted that TCMH employees have been known for being “very caring and very giving,” especially during crisis situations.

“A community hospital like ours requires gifts and donations from the community it serves,” Murray said. “Our employees are setting the standard that I hope others in the community take notice of and learn to support as strongly.”

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