Women Sentenced to Prison for Aiding Neldon Neal

Two women who pled guilty to aiding suspected murderer Neldon Neal received four-year prison sentences in Texas County Court Thursday morning.

Evelyn E. Lansdown, 33, and Erica D. Moore, 31, both pled guilty to hindering prosecution for their roles in helping Neal elude authorities after he allegedly killed his common-law wife. Their cases will be reviewed after serving 120 days in prison.

Two more women, Mary E. Thomas, 38, and Kathy McComas, 53, await trials for their alleged roles in helping Neal.

Neal, who faces second-degree murder charges, will be tried in Pulaski County in September 2008, a judge decided this week. The case will be heard by a Moniteau County jury.

According to authorities, Neal showed up at Lansdown’s trailer in Evening Shade – about four miles from the shooting scene – four days after allegedly killing Judy Lewis on March 13 in Roby. There he showered and gathered a variety of items including food, a backpack, bible, bottled water and clothes.

Moore, who also lived at Lansdown’s trailer and has children with Neal’s son, Nalin, admitted driving Neal to a log hiding place in extreme northwest Texas County. Lansdown later drove to the location in her own vehicle.

Neal lived inside the log for a week and was taken supplies, including a copy of the Herald, multiple times. He had retreated for a rock outcropping in Laclede County by the time authorities arrested the women and were taken to the location.

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