Neldon Neal, accused of the murder of his wife in March of this year.

A Texas County man accused of killing his wife and leading officers on a two-month manhunt will stand trial in September 2008, a judge decided Tuesday.

Under details finalized during a Texas County Circuit Court hearing, Neldon H. Neal, 61, will be in tried in Pulaski or Phelps counties. The case is expected to be heard by a Marion County jury that will be imported into the circuit.

In August, Neal waived arraignment on second-degree murder charges and entered a plea of not guilty. Neal was returned to prison after his arrest to serve the balance of time for an armed robbery conviction.

Neal is accused of shooting Judy Lewis to death in March at their Roby trailer home on Highway 32. After the shooting, witnesses said Neal fled into the woods and was not seen again until May when he was found at a campsite along the banks of the Gasconade River in Laclede County.

Four other women also are charged with providing aid to Neal while he eluded authorities. Two of them, Evelyn E. Lansdown, 33; and Erica D. Moore, 31, are set to enter pleas in court today [Thursday]. The others are Mary E. Thomas, 38; and Kathy McComas, 53.

The women are accused of provided food and other items to Neal, as hid in the heavily wooded area in northwest Texas County. At one time, the murder suspect lived in a log.

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