Ricky Luebbert, who was gunned down at his Tyrone home.

Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said authorities served a second search warrant this past week and evidence has been sent to the patrol crime lab as authorities continue to investigate the death of Ricky Luebbert.

Watson said a waiting game will likely ensue until the Missouri State Highway Patrol crime lab analyzes evidence in Luebbert’s death. The 42-year-old Tyrone man was murdered Nov. 10. His body was found three days later by a neighbor.

“We may have to wait until we get some evidence back to know the answers to some things,” Watson said.

Officials believe Luebbert, a member of the Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department, was shot through the front window of his home from the highway.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and State Water Patrol are involved in the investigation.

“We’re still involved in it – just as much as we’ve ever been,” Watson said. “We’re still charging on.”

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