Employees Honored by TCMH

Reggie Cole and Fred Wood were named co-employees of the year, and Colette Briggs was selected manager of the year at Texas County Memorial Hospital’s 25th annual employee appreciation program Friday night at Faith Fellowship Church in Houston.

Wes Murray, chief executive officer, noted his excitement about the opportunity to honor two long-term employees with a co-employee of the year award. It was a first for TCMH.

“It’s great to see two completely different people with two vastly different types of jobs winning this award,” Murray said. “Obviously, they are both equally valuable to TCMH.”

Cole, a technologist in the radiology department, was the May employee of the month. An employee of TCMH for 28 years, Cole is known for the positive attitude he maintains about his job, co-workers, patients and visitors.

“Reggie has a very public job at the hospital,” Murray said. “He interacts well with the public and his fellow employees, and he has fun doing his job, too.”

Wood, a coder in the medical records department, was the November employee of the month. An employee of TCMH for 35 years, Wood is known for communicating well with the physicians regarding documentation required in medical charts for appropriate reimbursement.

“Fred is very devoted and willing to do whatever is best for the hospital,” said Doretta Todd-Willis, director of nursing at TCMH. “He is very respected among his peers and co-workers.”

Employee of the year is limited to the individuals who have received the honor of employee of the month since the 2006 employee awards ceremony. All employees are allowed to vote for employee of the year in a secret ballot vote.

Briggs, a registered nurse and director of infection control, employee health, safety and worker’s compensation at the hospital, was selected manager of the year by the TCMH administrative team..

“Colette sets the bar for all managers in the way she goes about doing her job,” Murray said. “Her work ethic and drive to get things accomplished are highly commendable.”

Todd-Willis, supervisor to Briggs and member of the administrative team, noted: “Colette leads with selflessness. She does many great things without requiring any recognition.”

Briggs, a resident of Summersville, reports to Todd-Willis. Briggs has been a nurse at the hospital since 2000, and she’s managed her department since 2005.

Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer and member of the administrative team, complimented Briggs’ motivation to do her job.

“There are many things we don’t even realize Colette’s done, but the whole hospital reaps benefits from it,” Pamperien said.

The administrative team noted that Briggs puts her whole heart into working at TCMH. Briggs is involved in employee activities, community service activities and takes an active role in working with the other hospital managers.

“Colette is one of those employees that you wouldn’t have to see for weeks at a time, but you know she’s still getting her job done,” Murray said “Colette’s an employee that actually requires very little management.”

The manager of the year and the two employees of the year were honored with an engraved plaque, $500 cash and a pin.

Murray and Janet Wiseman, chairperson of the board, recognized many TCMH employees with service awards.

Recognized for five years of service were: Sam Beck; Debbie Bland; Debbie Breckenridge; Elizabeth Curtis; Susan Flores; Dawn Ford; Kim Goetz; Joyce Hull; Susan Johnson, Dr. Jeff Kerr; Mary Roderick; Jeff Scott; Joleen Senter Durham; Susan Wallis; April Watson; Debbie Willson and Dr. Bill Wright.

Recognized for 10 years of service were: Scott Baker; VikiLyn Brady; Terry Bruno; Joan Campbell; Scott Ealy; Sandy Eaton; Kate Ellison; Carolyn Foshe; Ricki Gaddis; Kathi Hale; Dr. Charlie Mueller; Ruth Pappas; Tamala Pliler-Rogers; Rita Richison; Brenda Ross; Susan Schondel and Frankie Topping.

Recognized for 15 years of service were: Carla Bates; Ellen Davis; Pauline Donaway; Karen Geer; Rachel Phillips; MeriBeth Tieden, and Ruth Weisbrod.

Don Odle and Doretta Todd-Willis were recognized for 20 years of service.

Alice Wells was recognized for 25 years of service.

Norma Dodson and Becky Scott were recognized for 30 years of service.

Fred Wood was recognized for 35 years of service.

A catered reception followed the event, and TCMH gave out numerous door prizes to hospital employees at the reception. A total of about 275 people, including 165 employees, attended the event.

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