Matthew Aguirre of Raymondville has won big prizes twice within the past five months playing the Missouri Lottery.

Matthew Aguirre is one lucky man.

Just five months after winning a $100,000 prize with the Missouri Lottery, the 28-year-old Raymondville man won again last month. Only this time, it was an even bigger prize.

Aguirre won $250,000 when he scratched his “$250,000 Mega Cash” card Nov. 29 and revealed his winning ticket.

“I really didn’t think I won,” said Aguirre, who purchased both his winning tickets at Corner Express in Licking. “I thought, ‘It can’t be right.'”

Aguirre, who is employed with the Missouri Department of Corrections and a meat cutter at Cummins Custom Meats in Licking, said he used the $100,000 to pay off his house and other bills. He plans to save most of his recent winnings.

“It is really pretty amazing,” said Aguirre, who paid $10 for his winning ticket. “My girlfriend just acted like, ‘Oh well,’ like it was just expected. I still can’t believe it.”

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