Houston Woman Charged With Assault After Baseball Bat Beating

A 24-year-old Houston woman is charged with an assault that left a woman beaten with a metal baseball bat and chains, police said.

The incident occurred at 319 Chestnut on Jan. 17. Police said the accused, Megan L. Neal, 24, of 722 Augusta, had become enraged with she heard Casey Miller, 19, of Licking, had had an affair with her paramour.

Miller told police she was lured outside the home by Neal, who wanted her to bag some clothes stored in her vehicle.

Neal later left the scene and talked to officers via a cell phone owned by her mother, Tina Neal. Megan Neal said she would turn herself in after taking a shower because she knew she was going to jail, adding she “gave them what they had coming.” The paramour, Dallas Doyle, was also beaten, Megan Neal told officers.

Miller was taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital, where she was diagnosed with bruising to her brain and several other injuries from the beating.

Neal is charged with second-degree assault. She posted $25,000 bond.

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