Sgt. Major Roy E. Burgess, U.S. Army Retired, was recently honored by Gov. Matt Blunt.

Sgt. Major Roy E. Burgess, U.S. Army Retired, recently received a medal, medallion and certification of recognition for his service in Vietnam from Gov. Matt Blunt.

Burgess, who lives in Huggins, served in 1963.

“Those who served in the Vietnam War were not always given the proper respect and gratitude they deserved for serving their county,” Blunt said in a letter to Burgess. “Please know that your service and sacrifice are appreciated by the people of Missouri. Your efforts have not only kept America and Missouri free and secure in the past, but also provide an example for those who serve today.

“On behalf of all Missourians, I thank you for all you have done. We honor you with the promise that we will never forget your service.”

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