Harrah Moves In Front Of "Trick My Truck" Cameras

Houston’s Steve Harrah is the newest cast member of Trick My Truck, the hit Country Music Television program that takes the rigs of lucky truck drivers and customizes them into dream machines.

Harrah was the man behind the scenes last year at Trick My Truck, a feel-good show where the trucks of hard-working drivers are given a makeover without their knowledge. Now it the program’s fourth year, Harrah is stepping in front of the cameras.

Known to his friends and family as Huey, Harrah is a self-taught, “do it ’til you get it right” kind of fabricator. He has been tearing things apart and putting them back together since he was a toddler. He started welding and building drag race cars in his dad’s muffler shop when he was 16. Through family support, he was able to turn his passion into a full-time business.

Harrah has built more than 250 variously styled drag cars in 21 years. He’s a prankster, and he keeps everyone in the shop on their toes. When it comes time to work, however, he’s all business, and his meticulous attention to detail makes his work impeccable.

Harrah is responsible for getting the designs from paper to fabrication at Trick My Truck, which is in the top five of all cable network shows in its time slot. In 2006, its Web site generated more than 25 million unique hits – tops for any CMT television show. It is CMT’s most popular half-hour series.

Ratings for Trick My Truck are 187 percent higher than CMT’s primetime average. In the first season, there were 70 million viewers.

Harrah’s parents, Richard and Velma Harrah of Houston, owned Harrah’s Muffler Shop for three decades. His wife, Kary, teachers at Houston High School. Both his daughters, Chelsye and Bayle, attend Houston Schools.

New episodes of Trick My Truck begin this month. The show airs on CMT, MTV 2 and Spike TV. Pictures and highlights from the show are available on the show’s Web site.

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