Children Plant Trees near Brushy Creek Trail

Children were among those planting trees Saturday at the former gravel site on East Walnut Street in Houston. In all, 35 volunteers participated.

Thirteen children came Saturday to plant a white pine tree. Children were guided in preparing the soil, planting the tree, putting a shelter around it to prevent damage from deer, placing a net on the top of the shelter and final banking of soil around the tree.

The nets are used to keep bluebirds from flying in the hole and becoming trapped. Each child had their name placed on the shelter of the tree so they could check its progress and compare their growth to the tree. The shelters will remain on the tree for three years.

Children planting were: Karissa Leier, Tristan Leier, Emily Shea, Bella Bougoin, Hunter McKinney, Morgan McKinney, Stone Jackson, Sterling Jackson, Pilot Ascone, Mack Campbell, Kate Campbell, Garyn Hall and Kameron Hall.

Dottie Batson and Elaine Campbell coordinated the tree planting, which included deciduous holly, servis berry, white pine, redosier dogwood, ninebark, redbud and swamp white oak. The objectives were prepared by Bill Yoder, a retired Missouri Department of Conservation employee. The goals are to protect and stabilize the Brushy Creek stream bank, mitigate the effects of runoff and provide an aesthetically pleasing setting for hikers and visitors.

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