Volunteers with the Houston Community Betterment Y.O.U.T.H. plant trees Saturday along Brushy Creek in Houston.

Volunteers gathered Saturday morning for the first of several work days to plant trees and other items along the banks of Brushy Creek in Houston, where a walking trail is under development.

About 145 trees were planted today by those who gathered on property that once housed a redi-mix company. Earlier, the hillside was planted in wildflowers.

The area will make up a leg of the Village Trail, which is under development through the City of Houston. One area – through Emmett Kelly Park – was completed by the City of Houston and its park board. Other segments – financed by the Missouri Department of Transportation and Missouri Department of Natural Resources – are nearing work.

Volunteers dug holes, inserted special soil, added a tree that is protected by a blue tube. Over the top a netting was added.

Funds for the project came from a Top of the Ozarks Resource, Conservation and Development Grant, which was matched by the City of Houston. The tree stock came from a Missouri Department of Conservation nursery at Licking.

Volunteers also got a sneak preview of a portion of the trail that is finished, but hard to see from nearby streets.

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