Herald unveils new classifieds

A major upgrade to the classified section at the Herald Web site occurred this week.

Readers are able to view classified listings in several categories, do quick searches, e-mail the ad and save items of interest.

The yard/garage sale listings will feature mapping capabilities allowing readers to see where the sale is situated and print out a map of the sales for that particular week or e-mail them to a friend.

By simply clicking “place an ad,” readers are able to place a classified and even receive suggestions on what to include in the ad, which can appear in the classified section, in the Messenger or on the Herald’s information channel that appears in cable homes at Houston, Licking and Raymondville.

Another new feature to the Web site is “Top Ads.” Some of the print ads appearing in the Herald will appear online, allowing a reader to click on a thumbnail size version of the ad, which then enlarges. With the click of a mouse on an Internet address, the reader will be taken directly to the advertiser’s Web site.

The Herald’s Web site’s traffic continues to grow. In January, 72,034 unique users viewed more than 249,000 pages of information. Nearly 3,000 computer users logged in recently on one day alone as bad weather began moving into the area.

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