Honeywell to return to full-time practice in May

Eugene Honeywell, D.O., family practice physician at the TCMH Family Clinic in Licking, plans to return to full-time practice in May, according to a statement given last week to Texas County Memorial Hospital.

“I am happy to inform you that all is going well, and I hope to finish my therapy in three months,” Honeywell said. He added his thanks to everyone for their prayers and concern shown to him in the past seven months, which he described as “a whirlwind of doctor appointments, surgeries and treatments,”

“I am grateful to Texas County Memorial Hospital administration and staff for working closely with me to ensure continued patient medical care,” Honeywell said.

TCMH put together continued medical coverage at the Licking clinic in Dr. Honeywell’s absence. Emergency room physicians Dr. Jeff Kerr, Dr. Lynn Hauenstein and Dr. Phillip Brackett, and family nurse practitioner Debra Buckle, have seen Dr. Honeywell’s patients at the clinic since last summer.

“Everyone at TCMH is also eagerly anticipating Dr. Honeywell’s return to full-time practice,” said Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH. “We greatly appreciate the way the patients have worked with the clinic staff and continued to seek medical care at the TCMH Family Clinic in Licking,”

Honeywell regrets any inconvenience to his patients.

“Thank you for your continued support of the clinic, and I hope to see you soon,” he said.

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