NEW: Authorities, animal shelter rescue 24 animals in trailer

Authorities – with the help of The Animal Shelter of Texas County – rescued 24 animals found in a filthy trailer last week near Licking.

Responding to an anonymous tip, the Texas County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the residence and found 23 dogs and one cat abandoned. The owner was jailed in another county, and apparently a third party was trying to take care of the animals.

Lt. Melissa Dunn of the sheriff’s department said she was thankful for the assistance of the shelter, which stepped in and assisted the agency. If the animal shelter had not been in place, the sheriff’s department would have been required to wait for a Humane Society response team to arrive in the county from St. Louis.

Sixteen of the dogs were taken by an animal rescue group, Dana’s Grove at Bunker. A mother and six pups were transported to the animal shelter, which operates in quarters on East Highway 17, Houston. For volunteers, the episode showed the need for its efforts in the county.

The mother of the young pups was treated for a severe case of fleas and mange. Volunteers say donations to the organization help with medical treatment required like this one.

“We were glad they were able to help,” said Dunn.

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