Volunteers aid homebound meals program in Houston

One of the most important parts of the Houston Senior Center is the “Daily Homebound Meals Program,” which depends on volunteers to deliver meals daily to a town route. Volunteers ride the city bus and deliver meals to client’s homes, Monday through Friday.

On Fridays volunteers also send frozen meals for clients so they have food available for the weekend. It also provides frozen meals for clients who live outside the delivery area if they have a family member, home care worker or neighbor who can pick up the meals at the Houston Senior Center.

Persons qualify for homebound meals if they are 60 years of age or older and have a health or medical issue that keeps them mostly homebound.

The cost is a suggested contribution of $3 per meal. Persons who have Medicaid might qualify for the homebound meals to be paid for through the program but there are different qualifications. One is participants must be 63 years of age.

For more information, contact the senior center at 417-967-4119 and talk with the administrator.

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