The survey says: Majority of TCMH employees satisfied

Texas County Memorial Hospital held “employee roundtables” last week to provide employee survey results to all hospital employees. Four sessions were held throughout the day – from early morning to the evening – and hosted by hospital administration.

In November 2008, the Customer Quality Team at TCMH sent out a 19-question survey to gauge the satisfaction of all hospital employees.

“As we worked to improve patient satisfaction at the hospital with our Customer Quality Initiative that began in October, we realized the importance of employee satisfaction as a key component to our initiative,” said Amanda Turpin, leader of the Customer Quality Team and quality management nurse manager at the hospital.

Using a free service from the Delta Region Rural Hospital Performance Improvement Project, funded by the Office of Rural Health Policy, the survey was compiled and mailed out to employee homes. An outside firm tabulated the results.

Three hundred fifty-seven hospital employees received the survey, which included full-time, part-time and PRN employees. Management, physicians and all staff were included in the mailing.

The survey included one question about employee satisfaction and specific category questions regarding planning issues, administrative/management, training, environmental/retention, performance/peer and supervisory issues.

Two hundred employee surveys were returned by January, and the results were compiled. Part of the compilation process included comparing TCMH to other small, rural hospitals in the U.S. that have also participated in the survey.

“Any organization takes a risk in asking employees to provide feedback about their organization,” said Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH. “And when the results come in, the organization’s leaders must be prepared to act based on the information received in the survey.”

Murray received survey results in February. After first sharing the survey results with members of the hospital administrative team, the results were shared with the hospital department directors.

The Customer Quality Team wanted to provide the survey results back to the employees, and the quarterly “employee roundtable” session was chosen as the format to present the results.

“Our team believed it was important for the employees to know the survey results,” Turpin explained, adding that the managers on the Customer Quality Team thought the results were very positive.

“I think the overall tenor of the survey can be found in the ‘level of satisfaction’ question that started off the survey,” Murray explained. “Eighty percent of our employees rated their level of satisfaction at TCMH as ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied.'”

Administration and department directors were very pleased to see that TCMH consistently ranked above peer hospitals in their survey results.

The only question TCMH employees ranked lower than peer hospitals was the employee’s level of involvement in the planning process at the hospital.

“Our employees didn’t set the bar in their answers, but they consistently were above the peer average,” Murray said. “The administrative team and I believe these survey results are very good.”

Murray facilitated the roundtable sessions with a room full of large print outs of the TCMH answers to each question and how TCMH compared to other hospitals of similar size.

Murray pointed out to employees attending the roundtable sessions that TCMH employees ranked above peer hospitals in the question “I like what I do.”

“In general, healthcare workers like what they do, which speaks volumes,” Murray said. “Nobody wants to be taken care of by an employee that doesn’t like what they do.”

Many employees provided feedback to Murray and members of the administrative team during the employee roundtable session.

Frank Steelman, a paramedic in the TCMH emergency medical services department, commented that with 200 employees responding to a survey not everyone will be satisfied.

“I find it refreshing that you’re concerned about the small percentage of people that are dissatisfied,” Steelman said to Murray. “It shows that you care.”

Don Willson and Darlene Burnham, respiratory therapists in the TCMH cardiopulmonary department, attended one roundtable session together.

“Darlene and I came here from the factory after it closed, and this hospital has been very good to us, “Willson said. “Here we are recognized for what we do.”

“Our employees are one of the reasons I have stayed at this hospital for over 20 years,” Doretta Todd-Willis, TCMH chief nursing officer, stated. “I’m very proud of TCMH and the care we provide for our patients.”

Several employees mentioned a “team” atmosphere at the hospital.

Delores Warner began working in the TCMH radiology department 13 years ago and works in the medical records department today.

“Working at TCMH is very rewarding,” Warner said. “I think we have a great team, and I’m proud to be part of that team.”

“My job at TCMH has allowed me to grow and advance not only in my career but also as a person,” said Pat Henderson, director of the TCMH medical records department.

“Our housekeepers are treated just like an RN or you,” said Marylyn Douglas, a housekeeper at the hospital. “It wasn’t like that where I used to work before I came to TCMH.”

The employee survey results show that TCMH employees can trust management and have confidence in the leadership of the hospital. Murray added that he’s worked in healthcare facilities with “an inherent wedge between administration and the employees.”

“These are great results,” said Melissa Bosserman, TCMH Hospice of Care director. “I think we should make these available to the public to see.”

Beginning Thursday (today), large details of the employee surveys will be hung up in the Mayuga Café at the hospital for the public viewing.

“During the roundtable sessions, the employees requested that we make this survey information available for the public to see,” Murray explained, adding that he’s proud of the employees’ willingness to show their survey results to the public.

“There’s still room for our hospital to improve, but overall, these are great results,” he said.

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