NEW: 1,500 Interco. customers without electricity

About 1,950 Intercounty Electric members remain without service following Friday’s storm, officials said Sunday morning.

Many calls continue to come into Intercounty’s office, officials said.

“We ask that people continue to share with us what they see. But understand that due to the number of calls it is difficult to get through. We have staff working around the clock to take all incoming calls,” said Leisa Stilley of Intercounty Electric.

Five Missouri electric cooperatives are assisting Intercounty.

A considerable number of poles are down at Gladden, Montauk, Summersville, Hartshorn and Roby.

Pole changes in the Licking area should be completed today and crews will be heading south to assist in the Houston and Cabool areas. Cabool reports 17 poles tied up for a temporary restore to power with five to replace in order to restore power.

Other notes from a 7 a.m. assessment from Intercounty:

It added an additional right-of-way crew from Arbor Row for the Salem, Montauk area. “Just to give an idea of the mess we are faced with, it took 15 hours yesterday to remove trees off lines along a one-mile area at Gladden,” the cooperative noted.

“We stress the importance of having generators hooked up correctly using double through switches or operating with extension cords directly to the appliance. As our linemen restore these lines a generator can be a life-threatening hazard to them,” Intercounty said.

“We ask that no one attempt to clear debris away from downed lines and remain at a safe distance. Please report locations and we will get to them as quickly as we can.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience while the necessary repairs are made to continue to provide power,” Intercounty said.

Contact IECA at 866-621-3679 to report problems while remembering that the phone lines are busy and answered 24n hours.

Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association serves 2,916 miles covering Phelps, Dent and Texas counties and parts of seven other counties. IECA operates 5,754 miles of line, serving more than 30,000 active meters and employs 113 local citizens.

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