Model airplane group holds annual spring flying event

The Area Radio Control Model Airplane group held its annual spring flying event Sunday in Houston.

Twenty-seven participants attended the event, which included contests and a picnic, at the flying field on Westwood Drive.

Planes were divided into two categories – gas powered and electric – and judged on spot landing, dead stick landing, fastest pass, slowest pass and carrier landings.

Eric Wilson of Raymondville won the gas-powered competition. Scott Nelson of Houston was second, and Bill Larkin of Mountain Grove finished third.

Jerry Squire of Houston was the winner of the electric-powered category. Jim Tausworthe of Houston was second.

Winners received Pizza Hut certificates and an autographed book from aviation mystery author Jim Tausworthe.

Connor Clifton, a 10-year-old from Houston, was the youngest participant and Tausworthe, 81, was the oldest. Mike Wilson of Licking was the newest flyer, and Dwain Lafferty of Salem, Ark., traveled the farthest distance to the event.

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