Braden McKnight earned the high points trophy for the third straight meet Saturday.

The Houston swim team earned consecutive victories the past two weekends by finishing first at Seymour and its home meet.

On Saturday, Houston topped Marshfield, West Plains and Willow Springs to win at home. Houston coach Toni McKinney said she had 73 swimmers compete – the most of her six-year tenure.

The previous weekend, Houston finished in front of Marshfield, Seymour and Ava.

The consecutive victories avenged an opening loss to Marshfield. Houston, which lost that meet by 40 points, topped Marshfield by nearly 100 points the next weekend.

Braden McKnight and Paydon Dixon earned high point trophies Saturday. It was the third consecutive week McKnight took the individual honor.

McKnight finished first in the individual medley, butterfly and long breaststroke.

“He’s strong in all four strokes and that makes him tough to beat,” McKinney said. “There’s no weakness in any of his strokes.”

Dixon won the individual medley and long breaststroke. She finished second in the long freestyle.

Houston had its most first-place finishes – six – in the backstroke. Megan Silveus, Ben Hugenot, Tyler Skaggs, Mackenzie Scott, Jennifer Barton and Paul Stephens won their respective age divisions.

Four swimmers finished first in the individual medley and short freestyle. Dixon, McKnight, Barton and Barbara Crawford won their individual medley events. Scott, Skaggs, Lexie Malam and Sarah Nash won their short freestyle races.

McKinney said Skaggs’ time of 12.3 in the short freestyle was one of the best she has seen.

“For someone his height and not being able to practice everyday, that’s a great time,” McKinney said. “I’ve only know one kid his age (16) who had a better time, but he was over 6-feet tall and basically had a personal coach.”

The previous weekend at Seymour, Houston had five first-place winners in the short freestyle and long breaststroke.

Barton, Gail Hayes, Silveus, Skaggs and Danielle Pounds all won their respective races in the short freestyle. Dixon, Caleb Adkison, McKnight, Victoria Floyd and Hayes were winners in the long breaststroke.

In the backstroke, Pounds, Skaggs, Barton and Stacey Silveus all won.

McKinney said the team has 75 swimmers this year, including many new ones. It’s the biggest team she has had.

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