The ribbon-cutting marking the start of the community garden in Houston. (Herald file photo)

Plans are already under way for Houston’s next community garden following this year’s project that fed many and offered instruction to those needing it.

Persons who would like to help can call the University Extension office at 417-967-5339.

Needs are:

1. Truckloads of barn cleanings. Manure, hay waste, sweepings, everything is needed. Residents can deliver cleanings to the garden or call to have it picked up. Horse, cow, rabbit and goat manure are needed.

2. Moldy hay is needed for composting. Any kind of hay is helpful. Grass hay, alfalfa or even moldy, weedy hay can be used in compost.

3. People willing to use their tractor to load manure or hay and deliver it to the extension garden.

4. Bagged tree leaves to bring or have picked up.

5. People willing to volunteer time working in the garden as well as mature gardeners to supervise the work. Call to schedule a time. Children can help if they come with an adult. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn community service. We can use senior citizens who are willing to supervise the work of younger and stronger helpers. Anyone can help in one way or another,” said an organizer.

“The food we raise is distributed by those who grow the food or by the Texas County Food Pantry. The gardens are also used to teach people how to grow their own groceries. Any help you can give goes toward making Houston a better place to live.”

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