David Rosemann and Ann Hamilton were named TCMH’s co-managers of the year Friday night. Pictured are, from left: Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer; Rosemann; Wes Murray, chief executive officer; Hamilton; and Doretta Todd-Willis, chief nursing officer.

Texas County Memorial Hospital named its employee and manager of the year at the organization’s 27th annual employee appreciation program Friday night at Faith Fellowship Church.

Jerry Pursifull of Licking won the 2009 employee of the year honor. David Rosemann, environmental services department director, and Ann Hamilton, radiology department director, were given co-manager of the year awards.

Pursifull, a registered nurse in the surgery department, was the TCMH February employee of the month. Employee of the year is limited to the individuals who have received the honor of employee of the month since the 2008 employee awards ceremony. All employees are allowed to vote for employee of the year by choosing one employee of the month in a secret ballot vote.

An employee of TCMH for 16 years, Pursifull is known for his friendliness and willingness to work wherever he is needed.

“Jerry is very positive and easy-going,” said Doretta Todd-Willis, TCMH chief nursing officer. “He can calm down an irate or upset patient faster than anyone.”

Wes Murray, chief financial officer, said the employee of the year award is a great honor because it’s chosen by your peers.

“Choosing Jerry proves that you don’t have to be from a large department to make an impact on your fellow employees,” Murray aid.

Murray noted that Pursifull has “a great hospital presence” that is apparent in the way he walks through the halls and interacts with many departments in the hospital.

“Jerry’s demeanor shows that he’s proud to work here,” Murray said.

The administrative team at TCMH chose the manager of the year, and this year two managers — Roemann and Hamilton — were given the honor to share.

“David has proven that you don’t have to be in patient care to provide great customer service,” said Murray, a member of the administrative team. “He realizes that is his co-workers in every department are his customers, and he is willing to serve them.”

Todd-Willis, member of the administrative team, noted he is positive and eager to help with anything.

“David’s whole department has adopted his ‘do anything’ attitude,” said Linda Pamperien, TCMH chief financial officer and member of the administrative team. She noted that Rosemann’s department has accomplished many large projects in the past year as well as doing daily day-to-day maintenance and plant operations.

“David never says that his department is too busy or that a project is too expensive for them to take on,” Pamperien said.

Rosemann, a resident of Houston, reports to Murray and has been a director at the hospital since 2008.

Rosemann oversees all of the environmental service needs at the hospital as well the other properties TCMH owns throughout the county. Rosemann also oversees any work that is done by outside construction firms for the hospital.

“David will not ask his department’s employees to do something he’s not willing to do himself,” Murray said. “He exemplifies our hospital’s expectation that our employees are here to serve others.”

Hamilton, of Houston, has been employed at TCMH for 10 years. She oversees her department within the hospital as well as assisting with radiology equipment located in outlying hospital clinics.

“Ann has been one of the most consistent managers I’ve worked with,” Murray said. “Even as a long-tenured manager at TCMH, she still has the energy, vision and drive to help her department get better.”

As a hospital director, Hamilton reports to Pamperien.

“Ann handles her department well,” Pamperien said. “There are rarely any issues with the radiology department; her employees are very loyal, and the department has very little turn over.”

Pamperien complimented Hamilton on consistently managing all aspects of her department from communication with staff to saving money. She noted that in 2008 Hamilton joined the TCMH Customer Quality Team and has worked closely with the radiology department staff to align the department with the hospital’s customer service goals.

Todd-Willis recognized Hamilton as “very organized and knowledgeable.”

“Ann’s department is one of the most well-informed departments in the hospital,” Murray said. “We expect newly hired managers to make a big impact on their departments. It’s a pleasure to see a long-time manager pitching in whenever she’s needed and working to make her department better.”

The managers of the year and the employee of the year were honored with an engraved plaque, $500 cash, a pin and a day of paid time off.

A total of about 175 people — 100 employees and their guests — attended. Murray and Omanez Fockler, chairperson of the TCMH board of trustees, recognized employees with service awards.

Recognized for five years of service were: Connie Brooks; Ramona Finnell; Garner Gaunt; Jay Glover; Dr. Lynn Hauenstein; Michelle Jackson; Amy Jordan; Stephanie Lake; Lynn Lewis; Robin McLarning; Sheena Painter; Lisa Palmer; Cliff Stark; Jason Strange; Dr. Rick Stubbs; Terri Taylor; Linda West; Sonya White; Eric Wilson; and Sam Wilson, Jr.

Recognized for 10 years of service were: Angela Cox; Joyce Deeds; Nancy Fisher; Annette Foster; Mary Jungbluth; Kim Montgomery; Sandy Murray; Charlotte Neal; Ann Hamilton; Donna Sanders; Leslie Stark; Lea Ann Stein; Kay Walker; Kristy Weaver; and Melba York.

Recognized for 15 years of service were: Carol Barton; Pat Henderson; Kim Herndon; Perry Hulvey; Ireta Larbey; Peggy Snow; Sandy Walker; Harry Willis; and Don Willson.

Terri Driesel and Martha Kirkman were recognized for 20 years of service.

Recognized for 30 years of service were: Reggie Cole; Cathy Maxwell; Shelia Schafer; Sharon Spurgeon; and Barb Wade.

Margie Russell was recognized for 35 years of service.

Marlyn Smith was recognized for 40 years of service.

The TCMH Customer Quality Team honored two employees that exemplified excellent customer service in the hospital organization in 2009. Pursifull and Sharon Spurgeon, a clerk in the admissions department, received the honor. Pursifull and Spurgeon were each awarded a plaque for their efforts and given a cash award.

The Customer Quality Team also recognized the TCMH dietary department as “Customer Service Department of the Year.” The dietary department has consistently scored well on patient satisfaction surveys in 2009, ranking above all other hospital departments, while continuing to try to improve the quality of the service provided by the department.

TCMH also gave out prizes to hospital employees that had volunteered at hospital events throughout the year as well as to those employees that donated blood at hospital blood drives.

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