Three area fire departments teamed up to save the structure of this home last week.

Three area fire departments battled a blaze last Tuesday night on Longview Road.

The Tyrone Fire Department responded to the structure fire at 10:18 p.m., according to President Rueben Roedeske. At the same time, Raymondville was dispatched under an “automatic mutual aid” agreement. The Houston Rural Fire Department was soon requested by Tyrone.

Roedeske said Raymondville arrived as the Tyrone department was dangerously low on water after pumping nearly 1,400 gallons of water on the fire. Houston arrived soon after, and the three fire departments working together were able to continuously fight the structure fire with manpower and water.

Roedeske said the three departments saved the basic structure of the home. It suffered smoke damage, and a family room was destroyed. Departments from the City of Houston, Cabool and Arroll also contributed, even though they were not called.

Also over the weekend, the Tyrone Fire Department fought a structure fire Saturday with mutual aid from Raymondville and Summersville. With strong winds and plenty of surrounding dry grass, all three fire department battled blaze two hours.

Wind caused the fire to rekindled, and Tyrone battled blazed until 11 p.m. The home was completely destroyed. One resident suffered an anxiety attack and was treated by an ambulance crew from Texas County Memorial Hospital.

“This is how mutual aid agreements are suppose to work,” Roedeske said. “The closest fire department responds and attacks the fire, and mutual aid departments show up with manpower and of course more water. It takes more then one department to adequately provide fire protection to these rural areas. Without Raymondville responding with automatic mutual aid and Houston rural bringing more water and manpower, this home would have been complete loss. A neighbor stated that she had never seen that many fire trucks and firemen at one place before.”

Roedeske thanked all departments and firefighters that helped, 911 personnel and Intercounty Electric Cooperative.



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