The Williams family: Tylor, 16; Taylor, 8; and Tracey, 13. Taylor and Tracey, who were with their family at the time of a chain saw accident, are credited by relatives with saving their father's life. Tylor has stepped up to help the family following the accident.

Relatives credit a seriously injured man’s children with saving his life in a chain saw accident.

Gregory Williams, who lives in the Slab Town area, was cutting firewood last week when he cut his leg, severing a main artery. His two children, Taylor, 8, and Tracey, 13, quickly went into action to save him. Taylor took off his shirt and made a tourniquet, while the daughter drove him out of the woods to an Evening Shade grocery store as their father was unconscious. Taylor called 911 and advised them of the situation.

It was at the store that a Texas County Memorial Hospital crew administered treatment before he was flown to St. John’s Trauma Center in St. Louis. Weather conditions did not allow flights to Springfield, emergency personnel said.

Williams was discharged Sunday and is recuperating at the Ulah Crow Pursifull residence at 14493 Shafer Road at Licking, according to his mother, Lois Williams. Tylor, 16, wasn’t with his younger siblings at the time of the accident, but has stepped up to help them after the tragedy.

The family is in desperate need of firewood, canned food goods and household staples. Persons can drop them by the house or phone 573-674-1116.



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