Texas County entities will learn their population when results are announced Thursday.

U.S. Census workers began going door-to-door  Saturday to households in Texas County that did not mail back their forms.

Figures on Monday show more than one-in-three did not return the form. The average in the county on Monday was 66 percent. Ten years ago, the figure was 67 percent.

Here are the figures for communities: Cabool, 69; Licking, 60; Houston, 69; Plato, 62; Raymondville, 62; and Summersville, 67.

Here is how the process works:

–The Census Bureau provides the census taker with a binder containing all of the addresses that didn’t send back a filled out census form.

–The census taker then visits all of those addresses and records the answers to the questions on the form.

–If no one answers at a particular residence, a census taker will visit a home up to three times and attempt to reach the household by phone three times. The census worker will leave a double-sided “Notice of Visit” in the doorway that includes a phone number for the resident to schedule an appointment.

The census taker will only ask the questions that appear on the census form.


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