Expressing concern with the Humane Society of the United States’ proposed Missouri ballot initiative, the Texas County Farm Bureau is planning an informational meeting beginning at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 4, at the Houston Lions Club.

The farm bureau says HSUS claims it is only attacking “puppy mills,” but that is not their true intent. HSUS has shut down or seriously hampered animal agriculture in states like California, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio by first claiming to only be concerned with “puppy mills,” Farm Bureau said. True farmers and ranchers are among the best animal caretakers around and none tolerate cruel treatment to their animals, it said in a release. HSUS is not connected with the local humane societies although they have some of them buffaloed into supporting them, according to Farm Bureau’s statement.

It hopes the public is also fooled by its title, the Farm Bureau said. Missouri livestock producers could very well be next in the crosshair sight of HSUS if they have their way, according to Farm Bureau.

In other Farm Bureau news:

–The recent trap shoot at the Big Piney Sportsman Club garnered funds toward the ag scholarships. Those participating ranged from ages 11-15 to over 60.

–Tickets are being sold for a Henry Golden Boy Rifle .22 magnum for additional scholarship monies. That drawing will be in September.

–Farm Fest in Cabool the May 7-8 weekend. Farm Bureau will have a booth and the rifle being raffled.



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