Houston's Samantha Jones hits the ball during Tuesday's match with Licking.

The Houston tennis team blanked Licking 9-0 on Tuesday for its first victory of the season.

Andrew Finn, Tyler Guynn and Michael Shea each won their respective singles matches 8-0. Samantha Jones, Michael Castleman and Austin Bathon cruised to 8-1 wins.

In doubles play, the teams of Finn and Guynn, Jones and Shea and Bathon and Amber Honig each won 6-0.

“It was nice to get a win after taking it hard on the chin the first two matches,” Houston coach John Jordan said. “I still think we have the opportunity to be pretty decent at the end.”

Last Tuesday, Houston was defeated 9-0 at Salem.

The closest loss for the Tigers was Guynn’s 8-6 defeat in No. 2 singles.

JV TENNIS: The Houston JV tennis team swept four doubles matches Tuesday against Licking. There were no singles matches.

Castleman and Brett Antrim won 6-0. The teams of Lainey Bryant and Brandi Kell and Makayla Adey and Allie Preheim each won 6-1. Drake Bell and Randy Barker won 6-4.

Last Tuesday at Salem, the JV Tigers dropped three singles matches. There were no doubles.

Honig and Barker each lost 6-1. Bell was defeated 6-4.

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