Trap shoot


A trap shoot 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Big Piney Sportsman Club will enable the Texas County Farm Bureau to give scholarships to two deserving county seniors.

There are several categories in addition to a Spatter Board Turkey Shoot. Board member Andy Sodano, a presiding commissioner candidate, has donated two grand prizes of $50 each to be given in addition to the regular winnings. Food will be available on the grounds. For more information, call the Farm Bureau office at 417-967-3725, Mike Luerssen at 234-3298 or Jarrod Lawrence at 257-4584.

Scholarship applications have been sent to area schools. The deadline is April 15. If you have a senior who could benefit, have the application back to the Farm Bureau office at 1330-C S. Sam Houston Blvd, Houston.

Farm Bureau recently sponsored a Leadership Day for county FFA juniors and seniors to visit the state capitol and meet with the legislators to see how government works. Missouri has one of the most beautiful state capitals in the nation and has an interesting display of state history in its halls, according to those on the tour.



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