Steve Wilson assists a customer last week at "What's Up Greenhouse" at Highways Z and 17 west of Houston. The business rebuilt after a May 8 storm last year destroyed the greenhouse.

A year after hurricane-force winds whipped through Houston downing trees and putting many in the dark, Steve Wilson is walking through a greenhouse west of Houston filled with plants and flowers.

The business was on the ground, literally, a year ago Saturday. Winds left “What’s Up Greenhouse” a twisted mess of steel and plastic. Wilson, who operates the business with his wife, Kathy, found the west end of the 90-foot greenhouse knocked out.

“It was just one big mess,” Steve Wilson said.

The metal structure was sold for scrap, and the couple made plans to replace it. After working over the winter, Wilson had a new, 18-foot longer greenhouse in place that was purchased at a Simmons auction.

And by January, the plastic was carefully placed on the metal frame. Valentine’s Day brought the planting of seed. Late last week, customers were browsing through the aisles looking at flowers and plants for their gardens.

Wilson, who grew up in the Rocky Branch community, works on the greenhouse project during his off season from construction work and hopes to depend on it for retirement income.


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