Kathy Barker

Kathy Barker recently celebrated her 15th anniversary with Landmark Bank.

Barker began her career with the bank, then known as Texas County Bank, on May 11, 1995, as a loan file clerk. Today, Barker works in the information services department as the technology coordinator for all Landmark Banks in southern Missouri.

“Kathy’s career with Landmark Bank exemplifies how successful a person can be if they pursue a path they are passionate about and are dedicated to their job,” said Logan Dale, regional president of Landmark Bank.

During Barker’s first years with the bank, she worked in the loan department, learning the ropes quickly and eventually moving to the position of loan operations manager. While excelling in this position, it was recognized that Barker had an aptitude for computer technology. Without a formal position-change, Barker was quickly becoming the “go-to” banker when an employee would have computer issues. In 1998, Barker was promoted to the role of information services manager responsible for network administration and support, implementation of new products, which are technology driven, and other technology-related issues for southern Missouri. Barker has successfully completed numerous professional development opportunities and technology-related training programs through the University of Missouri-St. Louis and NetPro.

Barker and her husband, Jim, lead a very busy life with two sons and two daughters. The majority of their time is spent cheering their children on in any given sport or activity they may be involved in.

“The past 15 years with my LMB family have been rewarding,” Barker said. “I’ve been a teller, in loan operations, computer tech and all the while, I was a mother, too. My LMB family has watched my kids toddle down the halls of the bank and walk proudly down the aisle at graduation. Having a successful career while being always being able to put my family first has given me the best of both worlds.”


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