James W. Morgan

Two residents from Licking are charged in an illegal drug scheme that involved fraudulently buying controlled prescription drugs and reselling the pills.

James Wilson Morgan, 42, and his wife, Jeanne Louise Morgan, 41, were arrested following an investigation led by the Houston Police Department. James W. Wilson arrived at a downtown Houston drug store on May 14 only to be arrested after fraud was determined.

A pharmacist became suspicious after he found the same prescription for James Morgan had been filled May 1. This time the California doctor’s paperwork sought medicine for “Joseph Siragusa.”

A GMC Yukon Denali was later taken to the Texas County Justice Center, where numerous items of drug paraphernalia were discovered, including dozens of used syringes and items coated with residue. A spoon containing a partially melted unidentified pill and several rubber straps consistent with those used in intravenous drugs were located in the vehicle.

Several notebooks, police said, contained numerous lists of drugs, including names and prices were also found as well as notes to the woman to her husband in which she complains that he does not share money obtained by the pills and of his treatment of her.

A cell phone belonging to Jeanne Morgan also was seized. It contained several text messages regarding the sale of pills, specifically 100 at a time and asking for a reduced rate for a large purchase.

James Wilson is held on $400,000 bond on charges of forgery and fraudulent attempt to obtain a controlled substance. His wife’s bond is $250,000. She is charged with forgery.



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