A woman was ordered to repay 0,000 that she admitted she stole.

The Houston Municipal Court met June 21 before Judge John Beeler.

All fines are in addition to $22.50 court costs.

Madge A. Anderson, property damage, $100; and property damage, $200.

Kristina L. Barton, stealing up to $500; $250.

Hannah M. Capp, stealing up to $500; $250.

Colleen A. Copeland, failure to yield, $50.

Newton U. Crawford III, driving while intoxicated, $400; and failed to drive on right half, $50.

Joshua L. Dixon, operated motor vehicle with improper equipment, $25.

Brandi L. Franklin, allowed animal to run, $30.

Carl A. Martin, receiving stolen property, $200.

Barbara A. Rhyner, failed to drive on right half, $50.

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