Information about Missourians has been illegally obtained through an insurance firm, state officials said Friday. 

A Houston man told Houston police that he was a victim of identity theft.

William E. Sillyman, 55, of 301 E. Highway 17, said that he had been a preyed upon in a financial crime. During a credit check he found seven accounts that did not belong to him that had balances of $4,137, according to a report.

In other matters, police:

-Charged Judy L. McConnaughhay, 59, of 304 Ozark, with failing to drive on the right half of the roadway following a June 10 accident. Police said the driver was preparing to make a left turn onto a private drive on Ozark Street when she backed up and struck a vehicle operated by Clay M. Ashworth, 16, of Houston. McConnaughhay told police she backed up because another vehicle was pulling out of the private drive and didn’t see the car she hit.

-Cited Tyler A. Doss, 22, of 9015 Arthur Creek Dr., Apt. 3, with failing to register a motor vehicle with the Missouri Department of Revenue on June 13.

-Arrested Adam J. Halstead, 19, of 109 Redbud, on a Houston warrant charging him with DWI. Police said he originally fled when they arrived on June 10, but he returned.

-Charged Terry W. White, 26, of 16464 Forest Drive, with stealing under $500. Tires were taken from a Holt Street residence on June 3.

-Cited Stephanie K. Krechel, 20, of Licking, with second-degree property damage after Kevin Carter, 22, of 721 Dooley, reported someone had scratched the passenger side bed of his truck on May 31. The damage was estimated at $437.

-Charged Sean B. Murphy, 16, of 613 S. Hamrick, with careless and imprudent driving by failing to maintain his vehicle following a crash on First Street. Police said Murphy’s truck turned onto First Street and struck the sidewalk railing, causing the vehicle to rest at an angle on the roadway. Murphy told police he shifted into second gear, and the vehicle jerked to the left, causing the vehicle to hit the railing.

-Are investigating a reported assault on Florence Street on Sunday. Two persons reported that a man arrived with a tire iron and pushed a woman to the ground. The investigation is continuing.



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