Houston Citizens for Education recently sponsored their year-end awards program for middle school and high school students. Scott Dill, middle school principal, makes a presentation at Hiett Gymnasium. At the podium is Scott Barton of the education group.

Houston Citizens for Education sponsored its annual academic awards program May 17 at Hiett Gymnasium.

The night honored achievements by Houston Middle School and Houston High School students.

Middle School


Art I, Ben Hugenot; and art, sixth grade, Mikayla Bathon.


Sixth grade beginning band, Alleson Williams; and seventh/eighth grade band, Cheston Malam.


Keyboarding, Barry Schock.


Sixth grade choir, Chase Vandiver; and seventh/eighth grade choir, Kaylea Preheim.


English 7, Elisa Williamson; and English 8, Cheston Malam; reading 6, Sammy Garrett; reading 7, Ericka Cooperman; language arts 6, Sammy Garrett; language arts 7, Ryan Bowlin; English, Elizabeth Overy; and reading, Logan Michael.


FACS, Emily Slocum.


American history, Ely Todd; geography 7, Ericka Cooperman; sixth grade social studies, Chandra Hubbs and Chloe Morning; American history, Taylor Franklin; and eighth grade social studies, Cassidy Potter.


Math 6, Sammy Garrett; pre-algebra, Kyle Laker; math 8, Tyler Shea; algebra I, Cheston Malam; pre-algebra, Elisa Williamson; math 6, Sarah Kelley; math 7, Wesley Monks; and math, Abbey Slocum.

Physical Education

Seventh/eighth grade physical education and health, Robert Kinney and Cheston Malam.


Science 6, Sammy Garrett; science 7, Olivia Woosley and Lucas Walker; and science 8, Cheston Malam.


Speech, Kyle Laker.

Study Skills, Jonathan Lewis.

Character education, Abby Slocum.

Special Awards

Texas County Masonic Lodge #177

Outstanding Student

Sixth grade, Chase Vandiver and Chandra Hubbs; seventh grade, Logan Cantrell and Ericka Cooperman; and eighth grade, Robert Kinney and Emily Harrison.

Fleet Reserve Essay

Seventh grade, first place, Ryan Bowlin; second, Kylee Elmore; and eighth grade, first, Caroline Dunn.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence

Caroline Dunn, Cheston Malam, Trevor Merckling, Ely Todd, Kristian Bennett, Robert Kinney, Tanner Smith, Tyler Best, Jennifer Thomas, Madison Vandiver, Alex Stevenson, Kara Neugebauer, Ashtin Bathon, Taylor Franklin, Cheyenne Carney, Sierra Weaver, Stuart Lybyer, Dakota Hugenot, Mariah Clifton, Kaylea Preheim, Lueck Wright, Colin Floyd, Shirley Mings, Patrick Parle, Ashlee Topping, Barry Schock, Rachael Forsythe and Hayle Dodd.

President’s Award for Educational Achievement

Kevin Jennings-Heavlin.

Citizenship Awards

Sixth grade, Dylan Coulter and Abbey Slocum; seventh grade, Kylee Elmore and Taylor Bryson; and eighth grade, Caroline Dunn and Ben Hugenot.

Perfect Attendance Certificates

Anthony Newsome, Alexis Shelton and Joseph Evan Wilson, sixth grade; Elizabeth Harris, Megan Silveus, Hayley Walker and Kelsey Wilson, seventh grade; and Kaylea Preheim, Tyler Shea and Ely Todd, eight grade.

Academic Letters

Sixth Grade

Caleb Adkison, Griffin Bathon, Mikayla Bathon, Elexis Calhoun, Samantha Garrett, Zachary Gregory, Charles Hall, Chandra Hubbs, Ethan Kelley, Sarah Kelley, Skylynn Kidwell-Owens, Matthew Knarr, Makayla Koch, Jonathan Lewis, Chloe Morning, Weston Phipps, Camryn Scheets, Charles Vandiver, Stetson Welch, Whitley Welch, Alleson Williams and Kyle Wilson.

Seventh Grade

Alexis Adey, Ryan Bowlin, Adam Bruns, Austin Gilles, Emmett Monks, Megan Silveus, Kolby Walker, *Taylor Bryson, *Ericka Cooperman, *Nora Dixon, *Kylee Elmore, *Austin M. Foster, *Kyle Laker, *Shania Smith, *Hayley Walker, *Lucas Walker, *Elisa Williamson and *Olivia Woosley.

Eighth Grade

Cheyenne Carney, Mariah Clifton, Sydney Cremer, Taylor Franklin, Mariah Hutsell, Stuart Lybyer, Kaylea Preheim, Alex Stevenson, Aaron Stilley, Sierra Weaver, *Ashtin Bathon, *Kristian Bennett, *Tyler Best, *Caroline Dunn, *Colin Floyd, *Dakota Hugenot, *Robert Kinney, *Cheston Malam, *Trevor Merckling, *Kayla Shriver, *Tanner Smith and *Ely Todd.

*Certificate only

High School

Ag science I, Kayla Herndon; ag science II, Whitnie Enfield; ag construction, Kyle Williams; animal science, Brian Hunter; and ag power, Jon Stenger.


Art I, Alicia Todd; art II, Toni Dukes; art III, Tracy Meyer; and portfolio development, Nicholette Haigler.


High school Tiger band, Emily Harris; jazz band, Andrew Stockard; and music appreciation, Jessica Herndon.

Building Trades

Building trades I, Zach Knipe; and building trades II, Josh Creek.


Introduction to business, Michael Castleman; accounting I, Amber Honig; business tech., Nick Dunn; introduction to law, Bobby Bates; multimedia, Sydney Wilson; web design, Larry Reyes; and yearbook, Victoria Floyd.


Concert choir, Terri Hall; mixed choir, Beth Beck; and women’s choir, Kristen Wetzel.


English I, Alexa Ichord; English II, Haylee Kell; English III, Melissa Lindsley; dual credit English, Sarah Barton; communication I, Jarred Alphin; English, Victoria Cline; short stories, Victoria Floyd; college preparatory English, Susan Daniels; English I, Alicia Todd; English III, Michael Castleman; creative writing, Courtney Sillyman; reading, Victoria Cline; and English, Staci Ice.

Family and Consumer Science

Child development, Courtney Sillyman; foods, Brittney Stallcup; health, Andrew Hunter; housing, Mary Scheets; and family living, Kristi Newsome.

Foreign Language

French I, Toni Dukes; French II, Jennifer Belew; Spanish I, Dylan Schweighauser; Spanish II, Sean Conway; Spanish III, Taylor Smith; and Spanish IV, Brittany McCloud.


American history, Bayle Harrah; world history, Alex Direnzo; western civilization, Victoria Cline; American history, Logan Taylor; world geography, Caitlyn Ross; dual credit American history, Josh Pounds; sociology, Rebecca Malam; American government, Michael Castleman; psychology, Courtney Sillyman; principles of American government, Tyler Skaggs; world geography, Kenzie Scheets; MO-options, Heidi Oaks; and alternative school, Dalton Hall.


Technical computations, Breanna Steelman; algebra II, Alex Direnzo; technical geometry, Brad Pounds; geometry, Elizabeth Hayes; trigonometry, Rebecca Malam; introduction to calculus and dual credit college algebra, Caleb Clem; algebra I, Amber Sillyman; algebra II, Haley Kelley; tech. comp; Aaron Craig; technical algebra, Stephani Mosley; and tech. comp., Tyler Bailey.

Physical Education

Physical education-conditioning, Taylor Lybyer; physical education/life, Samantha Morris; physical education-conditioning, Jessica Herndon.


Chemistry I, Hannah Pounds; chemistry II, Rebecca Malam; physics, Sean Conway; integrated science, Caitlyn Ross; dual credit biology, Sarah Barton; integrated science, Alex Direnzo; zoology, Taylor Lybyer; life science, Jessica Murray; anatomy and physiology, Michael Castleman; and biology, Victoria Knarr.

Speech, Joey Barbagiovanni; drama, Ray Smith; and debate, Jessica Murray.


Exploratory technology, Kenzie Scheets; information technology, Chelsey Williams; advanced technology, Nick Portincaso; marketing I, Sean Conway; internship, Darin Wade; and personal finance, Caleb Clem.

Special Awards

Douglass and Anthony Humanities Award: Kyle Jacobs.

Bausch and Lomb Science: Brian Hunter.

Xerox Innovation/IT Award: Nick Portincaso.

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Michael Castleman.

Missouri Scholars Academy 100: Honorable mention, Susan Daniels.

Army Reserve Awards

National Scholar/Athlete Award: Jessica Herndon and Sean Conway.

Marines Awards

Scholastic Excellence Award, Courtney Sillyman and Josh Pounds; Semper Fidelis Award, Scarlet Richison and Brad Ceplina; and Distinguished Athlete Award, Bethany Korte and Matt Gibby.

Houston High School

Academic Team

John Frydrych, Drake Yocom, Rebecca Malam, Michael Castleman and Kyle Jacobs.


Team members: Sarah Barton, Michael Castleman, Caleb Clem, Victoria Floyd and Nicole Hooper.

Regional Competition: First-place aquatics division; first-place wildlife division; second-place overall; and qualified for state competition.

State Competition: First-place aquatics division.


Sarah Barton, regional, first, biology; sectional, third, English; and second, biology.

Brandon Belt, regional, first, engineering; and third, physics; and sectional, second, physics.

Michael Castleman, regional, second, biology; and sectional, first, biology.

Caleb Clem, regional, first, math; and sectional, first, math.

Sean Conway, sectional, second, physics; and second, English.

Victoria Floyd, regional, third, engineering.

Terri Hall, regional, second, biology; and sectional, second, math; and third, biology.

Jessica Herndon, sectional, third, chemistry.

Amber Honig, regional, third, math.

Josh Pounds, regional, second, engineering; and third, physics; and sectional, third, physics.

Shy Schultz, regional, second computers; and sectional, second, chemistry.

Team ranking – Regional, first; sectional, second; and state, fifth.


Brittany Stallcup, third place, agriculture; and Logan Taylor, third, American history.

Perfect Attendance Certificates

Bobby Bates, 10th grade; Charlene Beaver, 10th; Merinie Conger, 11th; Toni Dukes, 10th; Tori Dukes, 10th; *Nicholette Haigler, 12th; Emily Harris, 11th; Kayla Herndon, 9th; Steven Kirn, 12th; Samantha Morris, 10th; Amber Murray, ninth; Rodney Preheim, 10th; Emilee Reese, ninth; Larry Reyes-Quintanilla, 10th; Montana Stewart, 10th; Andrew Stockard, 11th; and Alicia Todd, ninth.

*Perfect attendance all four years.

Academic Letters

Ninth Grade: Austin Bathon, Alex Direnzo, Mitchell Direnzo, Amber Murray, Emilee Reese, Kenzie Scheets, Alicia Todd, Dusti Turner and Weston Walker.

10th Grade: Toni Dukes, *Tori Dukes, Elizabeth Hayes, Lauren Hoover, *Haylee Kell, *Taylor Korte, *Nikki Newsome and Dylan Schweighauser.

11th Grade: *Jennifer Belew, *Michael Castleman, *Curt Hunter, *Erica Keeney, *Kaitlyn Kell, *Melissa Lindsley, Taylor Lybyer, *Rebecca Malam, *Sarah Pierce, Barbara Smith, *Taylor Smith and *Sydney Wilson.

12th Grade: *Sarah Barton, Sable Bell, *Caleb Clem, Victoria Cline, *Sean Conway, *Susan Daniels, Nicholas Dunn, *Victoria Floyd, *Nicholette Haigler, *Terri Hall, *Jessica Herndon, *Amber Honig, *Bethany Korte, *Olivia Lake, Payge Leeder, *Brittany McCloud, *Shelbi Moore, *Stephani Mosley, *Kristi Newsome, *Hannah Pounds, *Joshua Pounds, Scarlet Richison, *Mary Scheets, *Courtney Sillyman, Brittany Stallcup and Kristen Wetzel.

*Certificate only



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