Texas County entities will learn their population when results are announced Thursday.

It’s not too late to make sure you’ve been counted in the 2010 Census. The Census Bureau’s Telephone Questionnaire Assistance line will remain open until July 10.

Anyone who has not received a form or a visit from a Census enumerator should call 866-872-6868.

At its final meeting last week, the Missouri Statewide Complete Count Committee wrapped up its efforts and planned a final push for getting Missourians counted. “For the past few months, we’ve communicated with all residents about how important, easy and safe it is to get counted,” said Kelvin Simmons, commissioner of the Office of Administration. Simmons chairs the statewide committee, which was charged with promoting participation in the census. “We’ve used traditional and new media to reach as many people as possible with our message. There are still a few weeks to make sure every single person in Missouri is counted, and we need that to happen.”

Funding and representation make this count crucial to the state. Missouri will keep or lose its ninth congressional seat by a very narrow margin. Losing that seat means less representation for the state at the federal level. Additionally, estimates are that the state receives up to $1,300 for every person included in the count. Those dollars go for services such as road and other infrastructure maintenance and repair as well as schools, support for senior citizens and many other items that residents use every day.

Gov. Jay Nixon established the committee by executive order in 2009. The committee’s slogan for the state, “Everybody Counts. Get Counted” communicates how important every resident is in this process.

“It’s imperative that every person in Missouri get counted. That’s how we will keep our congressional seat. Check on your family, friends and neighbors and make sure they were counted, too,” says Simmons. “If you know someone who hasn’t been counted, get them to call the toll-free number and make a difference. This is vital to our future.”



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