Houston officers handled a variety of calls during the last week.

Houston police say a local man is charged with assaulting his mother and ordering a dog to attack her.

Officers charged Dakota J. Bland, 19, of 502 W. Highway 17, with third-degree assault on May 31. Police said Bland assaulted his mother, Melissa, who told officers that her son also ordered a dog to attack her. She had a scratch on her upper left leg, according to a report.

In an unrelated incident, a Houston man also is charged with assault. Donald D. Dooms, 44, of Houston is cited with third-degree assault of a man on a parking lot on May 19. Dooms told police that he had seen the victim kiss his ex-wife. The victim sustained a small laceration above his left eye, redness and swelling on both his left and right cheek, police said.

In other matters, police:

-Charged Amanda M. Keller, 17, of Mountain Grove, and Hannah M. Capp, 18, of 304 Bryan, with stealing under $500 by shoplifting June 6 at Houston Wal-Mart. Officers said clothing and batteries worth $60 were taken.

-Charged Matthew F. Doyle, 32, of Raymondville, with failing to yield the right-of-way on June 3.

-Cited Joshua L. Dixon, 19, of 6999 Highway 137, with disobeying an electric signal on June 6. 

-Charged Anthony C. White, 25, 16464 Forest, on June 5 with failing to register a motor vehicle annually, operated a motor vehicle while operator’s license revoked and DWI (drugs).

-Were called June 3 to a report of an accident near Grand Avenue and Walnut Street. Police said a northbound vehicle driven by Colleen A. Copeland, 32, pulled from a Grand Avenue stop sign and struck an eastbound vehicle on Walnut Street driven by Mandy D. Adey, 35, of 8843 Highway E. Copeland told police she did not see the Adey vehicle as she started to cross the intersection.



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