A list of unclaimed property is available in the county collector-treasurer's office.

JEFFERSON CITY – State Treasurer Clint Zweifel announced a statewide effort to increase Unclaimed Property returns through statewide advertising that will put 87,000 names in print.

Starting the week of June 14, Missourians who have had property turned over to “Unclaimed Property” in the past year will see their names in newspapers throughout the state, including the Herald. Those seeing their name listed should go to www.ShowMeMoney.com to start the claims process.

“Each year I receive millions in “Unclaimed Property” because individuals have moved, family members have passed away or assets have been forgotten. I then hold this property in trust until it is returned whether it is a bank account, safe deposit box or stock, and we work to return it as fast as possible,” Zweifel said. “In fact, the wait time is down from 43 days when I took office to a 15-day average now, and I never charge for the return of property.”

Zweifel has returned more than $44 million to more than 120,000 accounts since he took office in January 2009. He has been able to return record amounts, while increasing the number of claims processed and reducing the time it takes to get property out the door, by creating a 100 percent paperless claims process that is available to most accounts worth $250 or less. Of 3.5 million accounts held, 88 percent are $250 or less and may qualify for paperless processing.

“One in 10 Missourians has “Unclaimed Property.” Paperless claims allow each person who is owed “Unclaimed Property” to easily search and file,” Zweifel said. “The faster I return the property, the faster it can help with groceries, pay a bill or fill the gas tank. We know that every penny counts right now and want to make it as easy as possible for Missourians to get their Unclaimed Property.”

Go to www.ShowMeMoney.com to search for “Unclaimed Property.”



Several Texas County residents have unclaimed property, and Missouri is seeking to locate them.

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