Construction is nearing completion on Houston's new wastewater treatment plant. A Rogersville firm is the contractor for the project, which is paid primarily through federal stimulus dollars. Here, work this summer. (File photo)

The Houston City Council heard last Tuesday night the landscape around the community’s wastewater treatment plant is about to change dramatically.

Two projects will occur: Back fill dirt will be added after the completion of concrete pours at the nearly $3 million facility. Installation of equipment also is planned.

Sludge at a lagoon will be removed. City Administrator Larry Sutton estimates about 400 tons of material will be removed. Because of the activity, Sutton says motorists should be cautious when traveling near Oak Hill Drive and Florence Street.

The matter was among topics discussed by the six-member council and mayor.

News from the meeting:

*Dirt-moving equipment was moved to the site of a new proposed street. Randy Kell of Raymondville is the contractor for the Lilly Avenue project that will connect Holder Drive with West Highway 17.

*A new sidewalk along Hawthorn Avenue is complete to Hamrick Avenue. The city is holding discussions with property owners about extending the improvement to Airport Road.

*New lights installed at the Little League ball field will reduce energy consumption. It is estimated that a reduction of one transformer will occur. The city received a grant for the work. New heating and cooling also will result at Houston City Hall, the Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department station.

*The city’s employee retirement costs will increase about 1 percent.

*About 400 surveys of residents had been returned to the city. A Springfield firm will compile the results.

*Work continues on finding a source of electricity after the wholesale supplier, Sho-Me Power Corp. of Marshfield, plans to exit the business. Request for qualifications from potential partners are being sought by a regional group comprised of towns in the region.


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