Twenty-four area firefighters participated last week in an Extrication class hosted by the Raymondville Fire Department.

The Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department hosted an advanced vehicle technician extrication class last week for 24 area firefighters.

Michael Drozdo, Raymondville’s assistant chief, taught the class. It was designed to cross train fire department personnel to use each other’s equipment and to have common advanced training in vehicle extrication. Firefighters from Raymondville, Licking, Roby, Houston, Arroll and Summersville participated.

“Volunteerism is down in the fire service, and we needed to cross train personnel so that we have coverage in the event of an emergency,” said Drozdo. “We train together because we work together. On any given day we can be called to help each other in a time of need. To tell you the truth, it happens quite frequently. This type of training is invaluable when it comes to working together at an accident or structure fire.”

The class consisted of a one-hour lecture on new extrication techniques needed to cut out a person trapped in a vehicle. Firefighters learned specialized techniques such as third door creation, clam shell, tunneling and a modified dash raise.

Drozdo thanked Curlile Auto Salvage of Summersville for donating a vehicle and transporting it to the class.


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