These dogs in feces-laden crates are a small part of a scene that Texas County Sheriff's Department and The Animal Shelter of Texas County officials responded to last week in Licking. The animal abuse led to the arrest of 62-year-old Sharon Lee.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department issued a citation to a Licking area woman after animals were found in inhumane conditions in a home.

Sharon E. Lee, 62, was arrested last Friday and issued a citation for animal abuse at her Bean Creek Drive residence in Licking.

After a call from a concerned neighbor, a deputy was dispatched to the residence and observed several large dogs chained up inside and several smaller ones in pet taxis. The officer reported that the smell of urine and feces was overwhelming and that he could not stay in the residence for long.

A total of 12 dogs and two cats were seized from the scene.

The sheriff’s department contacted The Animal Shelter of Texas County for assistance in the case. According to a written report by Shelter President Rita Romines, the animals were examined and found to have flea infestation and mange and to be dehydrated and starved.

The crates some of the dogs were living in were full of rotting feces and roaches. Five plastic totes containing dead dog carcasses were found in a camper in back of the residence.

“It breaks my heart,” Romines wrote. “I cried at the sight.”

Lee reported that she had not let the animals out in “three weeks” because her neighbor “is mean and would kill them.”

Four of the dogs and the two cats were taken to the shelter. The other six dogs were temporarily placed in the home of a shelter employee.

Lee was asked if she would voluntarily give up ownership of the animals but she refused, saying they were “her babies” and she wanted them back.

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